How It Works

How it Works

Welcome to the 4IRGPT - 4th Industrial Revolution Generative Pre-trained Transformer - A Knowledge Trading Utility Platform for Everyone!

A platform that allows users to learn, sell and trade their knowledge about anything, industry or subject matter. Follow, Acquire and Subscribe to Generative AI Prompts created by other users.

4IRGPT allows users to learn, sell and explore Generative AI Prompts created by knowledge experts. Users can buy 4IR credits directly from, and use them to purchase prompts from within the marketplace. The platform also offers a subscription model where users can follow and gain access to prompts from specific prompt creators, influencers and knowledge experts across all industries. Additionally, users can rate and provide feedback on the prompts they have access to. The platform aims to facilitate the trading and sharing of Generative AI Prompts among its users. Employers & Recruiters can also utilise 4IRGPT to source talent, or to help talent and employees improve productivity.


Unlocking the Power of AI-Prompting-as-a-Service

A Guide to 4IRGPT Platform Features
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We hope this overview helps you understand how our platform functions. If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to contact our support team. Happy exploring and trading Generative AI Prompts on 4IRGPT!
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